KVM is a full virtualization whereby our vServers offer the same freedom, stability and functionality as (often expensive) dedicated servers.

DDoS Protection

Faster and more effective protection. In case of an attack the so-called bad traffic will be located within a few seconds about our filter infrastructure. While this time you can use your services without any problems.


We only use new and productive Hardware from well-known producer (Intel, Samsung, Supermicro, and more) and that’s why we can offer you the optimal performance for your vServer.

IPv6 Ready

Every Sever will be delivered with an IPv6-address. Some more (even IPv6-Networks) are available for free on request.

You are looking for a cheap Server?

For our KVM vServer we use only renowned server hardware and this offer a stable and high-performance environment for your projects. That’s why we rely on processors of the Intel Xeon series, fast SSD hard disk and ECC-Ram for our vServers. In addition, you get an unlimited root access to your server and dedicated resources. Since we operate our vServer in the First Colo data center in Frankfurt am Main, each vServer benefits from a high-quality, self-developed DDoS-Protection based on an appliance from the Arbor Networks Inc. with several hundred Gbit/s of protection bandwidth and is therefore very well protected against DDoS attacks.


✅ Prepaid | ⚡ instand setup | 😎 full virtualization (KVM)


Überzeuge Dich von unseren Vorteilen! 💪

SSH root access
Own ISOs useable
IPv4 - address
Further IPv4- address
IPv6 /64 Subnet
Windows incl. Licence
Nested Virtualization
rDNS free of charge
Uplink (shared)
DDoS Protection
24/7/365 Support
Data center

Frequently asked questions 😵

We clarify your questions before the purchase!

Is it possible to install my own IOs?

This is possible, please contact our support, they will be happy to help you.

Is it possible to upgrade individual components?

Yes, you can request an upgrade of individual components from our support.

For the upgrade of individual components, the following prices apply:
- 100 GB SSD/ +8,50€ (gross) per month
- 1 GB DDR4 RAM/ +1,00€ (gross) per month

Feel free to contact us if you have any more questions.

Support vSever operating systems

We offer you a range of available operating systems for our vServers.
If your desired operating system is not listed, we will be happy to integrate it for you.

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