Our standards

We exclusively use server hardware of renowned manufactures that meet the high standards we set for our Rack operating Server. That is the reason for the exclusively use of the processors from the Intel Xeon series, Datacenter hard disk and ECC-RAM.

Through our intelligent monitoring we immediately become aware if there is a malfunction and we can supervise the performance and the utilization our servers as well. So we can guarantee next to an availability of 99,9% on an annual average even the performant operation for your services.

In case of a failure, which can be not excluded despite our really carefully choice of our components, we have a supply of spare hardware in the data center. Defective components can be immediately replaced if there is failure, so we can further minimize the expected downtime. Besides this we can immediately and at any time fall back upon the extensive equipped warehouse of our data center.

Do you have more questions to our hardware? Do not hesitate and contact us at any time per email at [email protected] – we look forward to your requests.

Our host systems

We use host systems that are designed for different demands. Here you can see an example of a configuration as we operate it:

Processor: 2x Intel Xeon Gold 6140 (36 Cores, 72 Threads)
RAM: 512GB DDR4 registered ECC
Uplink: 10 Gbit/s (redundant)
Power: 2x 900 Watt (redundant)
Hard disk: 14x 1TB Datacenter SSDs im RAID 10

Our Hardware Partner

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